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Comfort Zone Service provides a complete range of commercial and residential boiler services in Southwest Suburbs of Chicago, including equipment replacement, seasonal maintenance, and prompt repair.  As a small company, every job is a priority and we customize solutions to serve your best interests.  Our goal is cost-effective, efficient, and long-term performance from your heating unit, and we follow strict installation and maintenance procedures to optimize results.  Take advantage of free estimates on new equipment installation, service on all makes and models, and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Expert Boiler Repair & Service

Comfort Zone Service features a broad range of Weil-McLain gas-fired, oil-fired, and combination oil/gas boilers for single-family homes, large-scale apartment complexes, and commercial application.  For any sized residence or facility, and tailored to fit even the tightest installation space, these energy-efficient, exceptional boilers deliver cost-savings, ease of control, and ideal comfort.  With over thirty years of experience, Comfort Zone Service specializes in Weil-McLain because of a proven history of reliability.

Call today for boiler repair, maintenance, and installation in the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago!

Keep your boiler system operating at it’s best with seasonal maintenance from Comfort Zone Service.  With regular inspection, tuning, and the occasional replacement part, we extend lifespan, maximize efficiency, avoid costly repairs, restore heating capacity, and protect the value of your investment.  If you should encounter any type of issue with your boiler, contact Comfort Zone Service at (708) 403-3434.

Some of the advantages of home heating boilers include:

  • Cost – Modern energy efficient boilers keep operating costs low, are exceptionally reliable, and tend to last and last.
  • Space – Compact and slim, boilers and the water pipes take up very little space.  Combi boilers can be mounted to a wall, taking up no floor space.
  • Clean – Since no new air is introduced or blown into the space, no dust particles or allergens are produced and circulated, ensuring healthier breathing air.
  • Comfort – Rather than forced through ductwork, heat is infused into the room, creating a more gentle and fresher-feeling comfort.
  • Precision Control – User-friendly programming and easy zoning capability allow customized temperature control, superior comfort, and cost saving opportunities.
  • Quiet – Operational noise is minimal and confined to inside the boiler.  The remainder of the system is virtually silent.
  • Longevity – With seasonal inspection and service, boilers are known for durability and longevity.

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