Boiler Installation in Orland Park

Is your heating system giving you trouble — so much trouble that you’re thinking it’s time to look at your options for replacement? Replacing a troubled heating system with a brand-new boiler can transform the comfort and energy efficiency of your home, to say nothing of the difference in expense between maintaining a new system in peak condition and an old one prone to new problems every year.

To get started on your Orland Park heating replacement today, contact Comfort Zone at 708-403-3434 or by online message. We’ll help you choose and install the right system for your needs and make the process as  stress-free as possible.

Signs Your Heating System Needs to Be Replaced

Different heating systems offer different specific symptoms of their problems, especially the kind of specific problems a repair might resolve, but all systems eventually run into the same issues as they reach the end of their effective life span.

  • Increasing heating bills each season. Notice you spend more on heat despite using the same amount of gas or electricity? Your system is getting old.
  • Constant repairs. Eventually a system is going to need repairs every season as parts age out. Replacing makes sense at this point, before you break the bank.
  • Outdated technology with low efficiency. Compare the efficiency of your old system to new models. It may shock you.
  • Physical damage or corrosion. Once you can look at your system and tell it needs replacing, trust your instincts; that damage could become damage to your home if it fails dramatically.
  • Inadequate heating. Is your system struggling to keep up with your needs now, because of expansion or because it’s getting too old?
  • Simply too old. Eventually your system surpasses its recommended life span. You’ll notice the drop in performance over time, even if you maintain it well.

If these sound familiar, it’s time to consider replacements for your Orland Park home. Reach out to Comfort Zone today to learn more about boiler installation and other options for heating systems at 708-403-3434 or our contact page.

Why Choose a Boiler Over Other Systems?

If you’re considering a boiler, it may be because your home already has a boiler, or it could be that you want to experience the unique benefits of a boiler system. The first point that always comes to mind is comfort; the radiant heat from a boiler system, for most people, is far more comfortable than the dry intense blasts of heat from a furnace or the warm humid air of a heat pump.

They’re also quieter than a furnace, leave you with better air quality than a duct-based system in most cases, and can generally run more efficiently.  

What to Consider When Buying a New Boiler

There are a few things you’ll want to know when it comes time to shop for boilers. At minimum, you probably want to speak to our team with these factors in mind, even if you haven’t committed to anything yet:

  • Efficiency rating
  • Fuel type
  • Distribution type
  • Condensing or non-condensing
  • Sealed or non-sealed combustion
  • Sizing

If you’re not sure how to research these factors, feel free to speak with the team at Comfort Zone to get the rundown on boiler options. Dial 708-403-3434 or contact us online any time.

Why Comfort Zone for Boiler Installation?

Comfort Zone delivers our customers in Orland Park and other areas superior service and unmatched guarantees, including our one-trip guarantee, our clean home guarantee, our fixed right guarantee, and our always-free estimates. For over 30 years we’ve operated as a trusted, family-owned name in home heating.

Reach out to Comfort Zone today, and find out what our team can do for your Orland Park home heating problems. You can reach us at 708-403-3434 or by contacting us online.