Furnace Instsallation in Orland Park

Is your heating system acting up? Seems like it needs repairs, and not for the first time? Or maybe your utility bills have been creeping higher because your system is too old and inefficient compared to what a cutting-edge system might offer? It’s probably time to reach out to a trustworthy HVAC service provider in the southwest Chicago suburbs to ask about furnace installation.

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Signs Your Heating System Needs to Be Replaced

Not sure your heating system needs to be replaced just yet? Consider these warning signs that indicate you’ll need to replace a system soon.

  • Frequent repairs. Whether it’s old age or a single part gone bad, if you need the HVAC guys out every few months for your heating system, it’s best to let it go and get a new one, because the problems probably won’t stop.
  • Poor efficiency. Old units become less efficient as they age, and even at their best, they’re eclipsed by the latest units coming out. If you want to save on energy bills, a new heating system is a good start.
  • Not pushing enough heat. If your unit is too small for your home — especially after remodeling — or it’s just too old to do the job of keeping you comfortable, you’re going to need to replace it with something that can put out more heated air.
  • Needs pricy repairs. Once a repair crosses a certain threshold, it’s time to consider a full replacement. You’ll need one eventually, and money towards repairs is wasted if you end up making the replacement soon.
  • You want better features. If you keep eyeballing your options for a new furnace and seeing how nice the new features are, that’s a sign that suggests making the upgrade if it’s within your budget.

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Why Choose a Furnace Over Other Options?

Furnaces remain the most popular pick for on-demand heat that always works, and for good reason. A heat pump may falter in frigid winters, leaving you without adequate heat if you don’t also have a furnace.

You might also find it not as comfortable as the more intense heat produced by a furnace, or you might have a naturally humid home that needs the drier air of the furnace to stay comfortable in the cooler months.

Furnaces also tend to last longer than a heat pump, exceeding 20 or 30 years with proper maintenance; heat pumps age more like air conditioners, as they use the same technologies, and thus time out at 15 years or so. There’s also typically less need for complex maintenance or repairs, as furnaces have fewer moving parts, and if something does break it’s usually easier to fix.

What to Consider When Buying a New Furnace

You’ll need to make a few decisions when buying a new furnace — or at least tell our team what you want and what your budget is, so we can figure it out for you. You’ll want to know or consider:

  • Appropriate BTU for your needs and preferences. How much heat do you need to be able to move to stay comfortable, given your home size?
  • Gas vs. electric. Electric units are cheaper, use fuel more efficiently, last longer, and require less maintenance, but in most cases, the lower cost of gas outweighs these benefits over time, leaving gas furnaces the savings winner in the long run.
  • Efficiency level. As units get more technologically advanced and efficient, your initial cost goes up — but your savings will also be better with these units as time goes by and you burn more fuel.

Why Comfort Zone for Furnace Installation

Comfort Zone has serviced homes and businesses in the southwest suburbs of Chicago since 1988. We offer free estimates, and we guarantee we’ll complete installation or resolve your problem the right way, in a single trip every time. And we’ll always leave your home as clean as we entered it.

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